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Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Services, Website FAQs and Commonly ask Questions about the Property.

  • What is my Gate Code?
    Individual gate codes are no longer accepted. Any and All residents (Renters and Owners) are to have guest, visitors, personal deliveries use the Guest Gate directory to be buzzed in.
  • I still have my Gate Code....
    And it works: Our Gate systems is under a year old, so there might be legacy Codes that exist If so, at some point it will be removed. If you, you'll have to use the Guest Gate system And it doesn't work: That's how the new system is setup.
  • How do I Move into the Fiore?
    We love that you're interested in living at the Fiore. However, Fiore at the Gardens is a private condominium community, not an apartment/rental complex. The Property Manager is not responsible for leasing or sales of individual units and is not able to assist with any Real Estate questions on the availability of units for sale or lease.
  • How do I let Guests, Visitors & Packages into the Gate?
    Guest, Visitors and Packages: Everyone, and anyone who is not a resident (Owner or Renter) must enter through the designated Guest Gate, using the Guest Directory Box powered by Cell Gate All Renters are provided by the Property Manger the Instructions on how to Use and Setup the Cell Gate contact and Answering System Individual GATE CODES ARE NO LONGER PROVIDED Packages and Deliveries (USPS, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, DSL etc) have access granted Food Delivery: Seamless, GrubHub, DoorDash etc will have to USE THE GUEST DIRECTLY and call you directly to be let in
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