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How Does Guest Parking Work for the Fiore Community?

24/7 self-service guest parking with automatic rule enforcement.

Guest Parking

Guest parking is notoriously abused and difficult to enforce...until now.

Virtual Attendant is an easy-to-use solution to ensure fair use of guest parking with built-in limits to stop abuse. The result is more available space for your guests and less hassle for you. It can be tailored to your current rules and parking time can be limited by vehicle or home.

Parking Boss Virtual Attendant provides:

  • Fast and easy 24/7 guest vehicle registration

  • Automatic enforcement of guest limits

  • Clear and simple enforcement for your team


The Safelist is a view of active permits registered by the Virtual Attendant. The Safelist

can be visible to your entire community, creating the ability to self-enforce.

If a vehicle is on the list, it’s OK to be parked—if not, it’s not. It’s that simple.

Handy refrigerator magnets make it convenient to access guest parking from your home.

  • Business card-size

  • Scan QR code to access guest parking registration

  • Space to write in home’s unique passcode


Record violations and catch repeat offenders. Parking Managers and Field Agents can quickly search a license plate of the offending vehicle. From there, it takes only seconds to record a violation, including:

  • Reason for the violation

  • Additional notes

  • Multiple photos

  • Smart Warning sticker #

The violation will be instantly added to the vehicle’s history.

Smart Warning Stickers

4”x6” warning stickers are the perfect

way to firmly and politely notify the

offending vehicle owner of their violation.

The unique warning number allows the

vehicle owner to easily look up the

violation details, including the date/time,

reason, notes, and even the photos.

Repeat Violations

Unfortunately, repeat violators are a reality in every community.

Parking Boss has a customizable violation threshold to escalate enforcement

when appropriate.

When the threshold is met, an alert label is displayed on the vehicle, taking the guesswork out of what action should be taken next.

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