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Dealing with Bulk Trash and Waste Management: Community Challenges & Solutions

Bulk Trash and Waste Management

Every community faces the challenge of managing bulk trash and waste effectively. From old furniture to broken appliances, these items often accumulate and can become an eyesore if not dealt with promptly. Unfortunately, when waste management services fall short, residents are left frustrated and seeking alternative solutions.

The Problem: Imagine walking down your street and seeing piles of bulk trash accumulating for weeks on end. This scenario is all too familiar for residents of many communities, including ours. Despite efforts to schedule special pick-ups and escalate the issue to waste management companies, the problem persists. Bulk items requiring special handling, such as large furniture, appliances, mattresses, stoves, sinks, toilets, couches and a safe.

Unfortunately, this is what our residents had to look at for over two weeks. The items shown require a special clam truck pick-up. Despite several attempts to get Waste Management to send one out (and escalation to higher management at WM), they came and went.

Regardless, the items being left at the Fiore bulk section have gotten out of control and we had to engage a local haul away company on several occasions to remove these items for a hefty fee.

As a result….


Community Collaboration: To prevent future occurrences of bulk trash buildup, community collaboration is key. Residents can play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness by adhering to waste disposal guidelines and reporting instances of excessive bulk trash to the appropriate channels promptly.

Advocacy and Accountability: In cases where waste management services fail to meet community needs, advocacy and accountability are essential. Residents should not hesitate to voice their concerns to management. As we can urge WM to prioritize effective waste removal.

Bulk trash and waste management are ongoing challenges that require collaborative efforts between residents, Fiore Management, and our waste management company. While short-term solutions like hiring local haul-away services may alleviate immediate concerns, the long-term strategy is focused on sustainable waste management practices, rules and regulations.

By working together and holding each other accountable, we can ensure cleaner, healthier communities for generations to come.

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