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🐶🚫 Keep Dogs on Leashes! 🚫🐾

📍 Public Service Announcement 📍

Attention all dog owners and dog allies! Let's make our community safer and more enjoyable for everyone by keeping our furry friends on leashes when out and about. 🐾

🚸 Safety First: Leashes protect your dog from potential hazards, keeping them away from busy roads and potential dangers. It also ensures a controlled environment for interactions with other pets and people.

This little guy was off-leash by Bldg 2 on 7/25

💼 Responsible Ownership: As responsible dog parents, it's essential to respect leash laws and regulations. This not only promotes a harmonious community but also shows respect for others' comfort and safety.

👫 Considerate to Others: Some people might be uncomfortable or fearful around dogs, while other dogs may not be as friendly. By leashing our pups, we can help ease anxiety and ensure positive experiences for all.

🍂 Enjoy Nature Responsibly: Leashing our dogs during hikes and walks in parks preserves the natural environment and wildlife. It helps maintain a balanced ecosystem and protects fragile habitats.

Let's come together as a community and be responsible dog owners. Remember, a little leash goes a long way! 🙌🐾 #LeashUp #ResponsibleOwnership #DogSafety #CommunityLove

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